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Best Automotive Android/iPhone Apps To Use While Driving

With regards to our cars, applications made for our mobile phones can help us find our car in a parking area, monitor our car costs, help us maintain a strategic distance from traffic jams, tip us off to the area of law implementation endeavors, and even keep us entertained. Mobile phone applications have transformed the way we do as such numerous things, and the way we relate to so many things.


Here are some of the best Android/iPhone apps:

1. TomTom – Accessible for different areas on both iOS and Android users, TomTom is free for the initial 50 miles of utilization every month, except it requires a membership for unlimited use. Memberships are $21.99/£14.99 a year or $49.99/£34.99 for a three (3) years.

Giving it the edge over free arrangements, for example, Google Maps, TomTom offers speed camera warnings, giving you an advance warning when it comes to upcoming speed traps.

2. Waze – Gives you a heads up to keep you informed of accidents, police traps, and traffic jams in your local area.

On top of that, it gives turn-by-turn voice route, programmed rerouting and the capacity to send your ETA to your companions, so they know you’re headed.

3. iCarMode – iCarMode presents a big buttoned display, making it easy for you to operate a music player, call your friends, and check for spots nearby.

Custom application shortcuts support apps, for example, Audible, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio, sparing you from looking at excessively little buttons each time you need to make an adjustment on your trip. A night mode implies it’ll fit into the style of your car as well.

4. Beat the Traffic – Your everyday drive is a drive that you can nearly do in your sleep. You don’t need any guide on the best way to arrive, however you do need to know when a congested road or occurrence is in your direction. Beat the Traffic gives constant traffic updates, group sourced by different clients, before giving you another fastest course to avoid the issue. Just for 100% free.

It’s difficult to visualize life without applications, and a brisk hunt of the web uncovers that regardless of in case you’re searching for auto repair cites, car news, or an engaging quiz game to take a break, there’s a proper application out there that is adapted towards your car needs.


You could literally spend hours looking through the App Store and scan all the apps out there. Try these applications and figure it out yourself why it’s the best.

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How to Extend the Life of Your Car

Your car is one of your most important belonging. It’s also something on which you extremely depend. These days, people keep their vehicles longer before exchanging them in or overhauling, due to some degree to car loans with longer installment arranges. Along these lines, it’s more critical than ever to maintain your car appropriately, so it will keep going as far as might be feasible with the least repairs.


Here are 5 simple ways to extend your vehicle’s life:

1. Follow Your Car’s Service Schedule – This may appear like an easy decision, however there are still an excessive number of car owners out there who give careful consideration to the vehicle maintenance plan as laid out in the owner’s manual. Not following the maintenance schedule is particularly indefensible in late-model autos that have oil life monitoring system that naturally decide the best time for an oil change.

2. Check Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly – Oil is crucial to the best possible operation of your engine. At the point when oil levels are low or the oil is old and tarnished, however, there is added friction between the moving parts that will inevitably bring about wear and tear to the engine. Have your oil changed routinely as indicated by the schedule proposed in your owner’s manual. Tires swelled inside 5 PSI of the prescribed weight levels significantly enhance your gas mileage and the general treatment of your vehicle. We validated this test by comparing tire pressure on one of our readers cars, Jeff’s Toyota MR2 that was sporting rotiform blq wheels in 3 different temperature ranges. The end result was we found that in colder conditions your cars wheel tire pressure decreased drastically. Anytime spend driving on a sidewall when the tire pressure is low is a very easy way to destroy a set of tires.

3. Go Easy During Start-up – It just takes a few moments after start-up for the oil pump to enough grease up an engine. Amid those few moments, you ought to hold motor rpm down to a base. Give the motor no less than 30 seconds before popping it in rigging and driving off. Give it somewhat more time in the event that it has sat for over 24 hours.

4. Listen for Odd Noises – If it is time for new brakes, you may hear the uproarious screeching sound of the brake wear indicators. These go off when the car is driving and the brake pedal is not depressed. So also, if you hear a scratching or granulating noise while applying the brakes, it could imply that the brake cushions are low to the point that metal to metal contact is as of already happening. On the off chance that you can’t pinpoint the source of the noise, take the auto to your technician to get a more informed suggestion.

5. Drive Responsibly: Although you may fantasize about tearing up the track, don’t drive your car like you’re the next racing prodigy. Sudden stops and begins, high speeds, and sharp corners don’t help your vehicle and put undue weight on the majority of your auto’s parts.

Just by actualizing these straightforward tips into your driving and support schedule, you can enormously build the life of your vehicle.

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Tips On Finding the Perfect Used Car Online

Buying an utilized car online stills sounds dangerous to numerous purchasers. The reality of the situation is the online commercial center is loaded with quality vehicles at sensible costs from legit merchants. When shopping on the web, you have access to more arrangements, research, and models than you would ever want to discover by chasing down autos face to face.


Here are a few tips to guarantee that you wind up with the right vehicle for you:

1. Decide the sort of vehicle.

Make a rundown of your standard driving needs and select the vehicle that best matches those requirements. This will help you abstain from purchasing on sudden urge or feeling.

2. Characterize your financial plan.

Evaluate the most extreme price that you can bear the cost of and take a look at postings that meet your financial plan.

3. List the features you require.

Pretty much as discretionary features increment the cost of a new car, they can make an utilized auto more costly. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with a route framework, for instance, why pay for it?

4. Calculate extra expenses.

Aside from the car’s offering value, you ought to also have a spending plan for duties and different charges that regularly mean 10 percent. Once the aggregate cost of the car is resolved, take a look at your financing choices to acquire the best rate accessible to you.


5. Compare the prices.

To get a quality car at a decent cost, investing the additional effort to comparison shop is an unquestionable requirement. You ought to likewise counsel online estimating advisers for decide the real estimation of any car that interests you.

6. Arrange a vehicle history report.

Before selecting any utilized car on the web, it’s prudent to arrange a vehicle history answer to figure out if the car has been in any mischances. The report will also let you know how frequently the auto has been sold.

7. Choose search criteria.

Most listing sites permit you to limit your search as indicated to criteria that you select. Take full advantage of any search tools accessible to you. They make looking less demanding and more beneficial.

8. Stay informed about scams/fraud schemes.

Numerous locales likewise give avant-garde data about regular online tricks. Clearly, you need to manage honest to goodness merchants as it were.

9. Read car reviews.

There are endless online reviews of each make and model you can consider. You’ll discover a lot of helpful studies composed by both car specialists and real proprietors.

While there might be a few drawbacks to purchasing a car online, they don’t exceed the points of interest. Grow your inquiry area or criteria if you have to. It might take a while to find that impeccable car, yet you just need one. Purchasing used car online gives fun and enterprise both finding the utilized car and bringing them home; on top of that you can spare a great many dollars and wind up with the correct vehicle you were looking for.

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