Best Automotive Android/iPhone Apps To Use While Driving

With regards to our cars, applications made for our mobile phones can help us find our car in a parking area, monitor our car costs, help us maintain a strategic distance from traffic jams, tip us off to the area of law implementation endeavors, and even keep us entertained. Mobile phone applications have transformed the way we do as such numerous things, and the way we relate to so many things.


Here are some of the best Android/iPhone apps:

1. TomTom – Accessible for different areas on both iOS and Android users, TomTom is free for the initial 50 miles of utilization every month, except it requires a membership for unlimited use. Memberships are $21.99/£14.99 a year or $49.99/£34.99 for a three (3) years.

Giving it the edge over free arrangements, for example, Google Maps, TomTom offers speed camera warnings, giving you an advance warning when it comes to upcoming speed traps.

2. Waze – Gives you a heads up to keep you informed of accidents, police traps, and traffic jams in your local area.

On top of that, it gives turn-by-turn voice route, programmed rerouting and the capacity to send your ETA to your companions, so they know you’re headed.

3. iCarMode – iCarMode presents a big buttoned display, making it easy for you to operate a music player, call your friends, and check for spots nearby.

Custom application shortcuts support apps, for example, Audible, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio, sparing you from looking at excessively little buttons each time you need to make an adjustment on your trip. A night mode implies it’ll fit into the style of your car as well.

4. Beat the Traffic – Your everyday drive is a drive that you can nearly do in your sleep. You don’t need any guide on the best way to arrive, however you do need to know when a congested road or occurrence is in your direction. Beat the Traffic gives constant traffic updates, group sourced by different clients, before giving you another fastest course to avoid the issue. Just for 100% free.

It’s difficult to visualize life without applications, and a brisk hunt of the web uncovers that regardless of in case you’re searching for auto repair cites, car news, or an engaging quiz game to take a break, there’s a proper application out there that is adapted towards your car needs.


You could literally spend hours looking through the App Store and scan all the apps out there. Try these applications and figure it out yourself why it’s the best.

About the Author: Carrie Hansen