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Ricer vs. Tuner Culture

The old-age debate still continues- Ricer vs. Tuner car?

Yes, this debate will rage on forever, Rice or Tuner? 

Both of these cars have pros and cons. But culling the best still becomes difficult.

This debate has been going on since the time when people started to modify their cars. Earlier speed was the only factor that people considered but now they have started adding upgrades to their cars.

Let’s understand what ricer means?

A Ricer is a person who does unwanted changes to their import cars to make the car more attractive and powerful. They modify the car to increase the performance by adding extra features.

Ricer stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. The name itself says making modifications to the car. A Ricer car already comes with extra features which makes the car faster and also increases the performance of the car. The Ricer term is taken from the Japanese car culture where car dreamers do customization that they want. It is specially used for 

The dictionary defines “tuner” as a person who turns any type of vehicle. To be very simple, such people dream of only cars. Such people do performance mods before cosmetic mods, unlike the Ricer.

As an automaker unveils new models, Tuners are patiently waiting to get their hands on it to modify it. A Tuner is built from the factory, to be performance-oriented. Ricers are normally the exact opposite.

To add up more to this comparison, Tuners are actually very cool. Everyone actually likes this car with modifications. Tuners are modified to have a good performance, Ricer cars are modified to look better.

One of the key differences the cars make is – sound coming from the exhaust. A tuner’s exhaust will sound more pleasant while Ricer’s exhaust sound will make you cover your ears.

Buy the best car based on your comparisons and have a great drive.

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